A safe pair of hands

26 August 2020

In cricket, wicket keepers are said to be a ‘safe pair of hands’. They act as insurance for the bowler: taking the catch from that great delivery and – just as importantly – preventing the not so great deliveries going to the boundary for runs.

The protection wicket keepers provide is essential for the game. You’ll almost never see a bowler start their runup without having one in place. But unlike in cricket, we know that many Kiwis don’t have a wicket keeper in place to protect themselves if the worst happens.

We’re talking about insurance. But not house, car or contents insurance. We’re talking about protecting your biggest and most essential asset.


It’s important to understand the risk you might be taking if you’re not insured for a major life event – like terminal illness, sudden loss of income or – yes, even death.

Thinking or talking about death feels morbid. No one wants to face the possibility of the worst happening – and especially before your time! But it’s a good idea to get the right cover in place before you (or your loved ones) actually need it.

Forward thinking

Most people tend to get life insurance when they have a major reason to do so – like getting a mortgage or starting a family.

If that’s not quite you, have a think about any financial impact being unable to work (if you were terminally ill) or your unexpected death may have on those closest to you – even if you don’t have a mortgage or any dependants.

  • Do you support other people financially – a grandmother, a sibling, a parent?
  • Do you share financial expenses with a partner that relies on your income?
  • Who will take care of your ‘end of life’ expenses if you die unexpectedly?
  • Do you know how much a basic funeral costs? (hint, it’s over $10,000)
  • Would your loved ones have access to finances to wrap up your life in a dignified manner?

Life insurance is just for old people, isn’t it?

Actually, that’s not true at all! Life insurance is designed for all ages. Generally, it works in your favour if you’re younger, fit and healthy, as you’ll most likely get lower premiums and won’t have any medical exclusions on cover. Some life insurance providers, like Booster, lock your premium in until you reach a certain age (for Booster’s Super Simple life insurance, this is 40).

Safe hands

If you’re young, life insurance probably hasn’t been on your radar because you don’t see it as a necessity.

But what if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and no longer able to work? How do you still cover your bills? Or take care of the people that rely on your income?

Thinking about what might happen to your family and loved ones when you’re no longer here to take care of them isn’t morbid. It’s forward planning. It’s having your wicket keeper in place, ready to take the catch.

You’re actually being the safe pair of hands – looking after your loved ones’ futures if you’re no longer able to. Go put on those gloves.

Super Simple is issued by Booster Assurance Limited, an insurer licensed by Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Booster Assurance Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Booster Financial Services Limited.