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Ethical investing

At Booster we offer two Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) KiwiSaver funds. This way, you can choose to invest your KiwiSaver account in funds that align with your values.

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Hello, we're Booster

The name Booster is new but we’re older than we look.

When we started way back in 1998 it was with a handful of people and that can-do attitude that makes things happen. We knew we could create a better way for people to save. Back then we called ourselves Grosvenor Financial Services. And we knew money inside and out.

Today we’re still money experts and we’re on a mission to help you become money-smart. We know money isn’t simple but it doesn’t need to be as hard as it is now. It seems as if big institutions have it all sewn up but we believe that’s wrong – New Zealanders should know how to make sense of their money.

Keeping it simple, we took a good hard look at ourselves and realised we had a name that most people couldn’t pronounce – so we became Booster.

Who's Booster?

Kiwi can-do

Finally, a financial services company for our exciting, fast-changing world. Locally owned and operated, Booster is here to help grow New Zealanders’ money and financial confidence. Because life is a lot brighter when you’re not left in the dark.

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