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What's Tahi invested in?

Tahi’s investment portfolio has begun with local partners in key primary industries – viticulture and fresh produce. But we're not stopping there. Over time, we will continue to diversify Tahi's portfolio. In fact, we are currently looking at partners in many different sectors across New Zealand.
Tahi's long-term focus on New Zealand means we invest in areas where we believe New Zealand businesses will succeed today and into the future.

Our newest addition to the Tahi family, Sileni Estates, has been a family operated, locally owned and globally successful wine brand. It was founded just over 20 years ago and like Booster, is still run by its founders.

Renowned for their quality, Sileni wines are distributed in over 60 countries. At its peak, Sileni Estates has produced over 700,000 cases of wine. Tahi's investment is part of a new era for Sileni and means we will be working together with the Avery family to provide a solid foundation for Sileni's operations and continue a proud history for the Sileni brand.  

From there, it's a new journey of growth for Sileni with a capital injection from Tahi and the opportunities that come with joining a group of New Zealand businesses taking our finest to the world. 

Tahi is about working together as one for the good of all New Zealanders. We want to make sure that NZ companies carry on growing so we all benefit. Together, Tahi and Sileni are moving towards a bold future.

The Tahi difference

In Tahi's first year of operation, we invested around $25 million into our first two partners. This kind of money really boosted operations for Awatere River Wine Company (ARWC) and Waimea Estates. Both partners have now built a solid base for the future. And today, Sunchaser is ready to take their successful business to the next step.

Before Tahi, Louis Vavasour (ARWC) worried about being able to afford enough high-quality grapes and the best equipment to continue making first-class wines. Now, he buys premium grapes and can make more exceptional wines in a huge cutting-edge winery.

And, after just a year as a Tahi partner, Waimea Estates is confident it can keep growing top-quality grapes and making premium wines. Even though founders Robyn and Trevor Bolitho are retiring and Ben Bolitho is moving on, the business has a bright future working with ARWC and Booster.

Tahi Difference

From dreams to reality in 12 months – that's the Tahi difference!

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