Boosting New Zealand business
Investing in New Zealand companies makes sense for us, for them and for you.
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The Booster Tahi Limited Partnership is our special investment fund set up to support privately owned small to medium-sized New Zealand companies. As a member of Booster, you're doing your bit for the future of New Zealand.

What's Tahi?

Named after the Māori word for ‘one’, the Tahi fund helps New Zealanders invest in successful NZ businesses so profit and talent stay here. It's called Tahi because we share a vision of a brighter, happier New Zealand with our partners and we're working as one to see it through.

Tahi specialises in what are called 'unlisted investments'. This means buying shares in companies that aren't listed on share markets, like the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). These kinds of investments aren’t usually open to everyday New Zealanders. Unlisted investments normally need you to put in a lot of money upfront but investing in them can often make more money than buying shares open to everyone through the stock market. And we do the hard graft of finding and helping Tahi companies that are strong and growing, so you don’t have to. So, as a Booster member, you get in on the good stuff just by being with us.

Booster isn't just an investor in the companies we choose for Tahi. We're partners – working together, sharing advice and experience so that small companies can turn into bigger ones with fewer growing pains. And as true partners, we're in it for the long run, not just a quick buck.

Managed by Kiwis and run for New Zealand investors and businesses, Tahi means we’re all in it together, as one.

Boosting New Zealand business

New Zealand is booming – full of creative ideas and get-ahead spirit – so we’re playing our part. Booster started off with a handful of people so we know exactly how hard it is to grow past a certain size. We made it through that time when we needed big investment to build for the future so now we aim to help other NZ companies win through.

As a Kiwi company, we want a strong New Zealand that offers jobs and happy lives. We want to make sure that NZ companies carry on growing so we all benefit. We're doing this through the Booster Tahi Limited Partnership, our special investment fund. Many of our Booster KiwiSaver Scheme funds and other investment funds invest in Tahi, so some of your money now goes direct to NZ business owners who dream big and deliver bigger.

As a Booster member, you're lending a hand to New Zealand companies with get-up-and-go so they can become bigger and better. Of course, we don’t just give away your money to anyone. We make sure these companies are strong and know what they want to do – and why – and then we go into partnership with them. We share our business experience and financial nous so our partners keep going in the right direction – onwards and upwards.

Investing in New Zealand companies makes sense for us, for them and for you.

Special deals

You may also be able to get special deals from some of our Tahi partners, just because you're a Booster member. Our Tahi partners are proud of what they do and make so they want to show you how good they are.

For example, when the Tahi fund was only a few weeks old, Booster members got a juicy wine offer from our first Tahi partner.

Even if your money is in Booster KiwiSaver Scheme funds or Super-Super funds that don't directly invest in Tahi, you get these deals as a Booster member. Win-win.

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