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Named after the Māori word for ‘one’, the Tahi fund helps New Zealanders invest in successful NZ businesses so profit and talent stay here. It's called Tahi because we share a vision of a brighter, happier New Zealand with our partners, and we're working as one to see it through.

The Booster Tahi Limited Partnership is our special investment fund set up to support privately owned small to medium-sized New Zealand companies. While you cannot invest directly into Tahi, many of our Booster KiwiSaver funds and other investment funds do. So as a Booster member investing in these funds, you’re helping Kiwi businesses who dream big to deliver bigger. 

Specialised investments

Tahi specialises in 'unlisted investments'. This means buying shares in companies that aren't listed on share markets, like the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX). These kinds of investments aren’t usually open to everyday New Zealanders.

Unlisted investments normally need you to put in a lot of money upfront but investing in them can often make more money than buying shares open to everyone through the stock market. And we do the hard graft of finding and helping Tahi companies that are strong and growing, so you don’t have to. So, as a Booster member, you're doing your bit for the future of New Zealand.

Long-term partners

Booster isn't just an investor in the companies we choose for Tahi. We're partners – working together, sharing advice and experience so that small companies can turn into bigger ones with fewer growing pains. And as true partners, we're in it for the long run, not just a quick buck.

Managed by Kiwis and run for New Zealand investors and businesses, Tahi means we’re all in it together, as one.

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