Take the mystery out of your financial future.

mymoneymap gives you the power to create the financial future you want. Available exclusively in mybooster, it uses your current financial information to create a personalised roadmap to help you reach your retirement goals.
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Take control of your financial future

mymoneymap is a retirement calculator that creates a personalised financial roadmap for your future. Get a joined-up view of your current financial position, set your retirement lifestyle goals, and map out how you’ll get there.

Get an overview of your total financial position and your potential retirement income

Set your retirement lifestyle goals and work out if you’re on track to get there

Review how you’re tracking towards your retirement goals and make changes along the way

Your financial roadmap

mymoneymap gives you the power to create the financial future you want. Work out what your retirement goals are and map out how you’re going to get there. 

Your retirement lifestyle

What kind of retirement lifestyle do you want? Are you after a simple, low-key lifestyle, a retirement that gives you choices or a customised retirement?
mymoneymap helps you work out your future goals and how to get there.

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Calculate your future

Add in extra information like property, investments or other savings to give you a full picture of your financial future.
See if your current savings are on track to reach your retirement goals.

Work out what you’ll need

Estimate your retirement savings and spending to help you work out if you’ll have enough money for your desired retirement lifestyle.
See what changes you could make now to reach your future goals.

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Personalise your roadmap

Estimate how much value you might get from downsizing the family home and see what happens if you add in some big expenses when you retire – like an overseas trip or a new car.
Add in your life goals to see what impact they have for your financial future.

Watch your savings take off!

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