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A simple snapshot of how you’re tracking financially
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What you can do

Keep on top of your money – download our app for a simple snapshot of how you're tracking financially.

Know exactly where your money is and what’s it’s doing

  • See a snapshot of your finances
  • Get the balance of your bank accounts, savings, property, shares and other investments
  • Review your Booster SuperScheme account
  • Look at your Booster KiwiSaver Scheme account
  • Keep tabs on your debts
  • Check your net worth at a glance

Track your progress

  • Find out how your KiwiSaver account with Booster is doing – including the government contribution (GC) you can get
  • Follow how your Booster SuperScheme is performing
  • Look over the value of your property, including your mortgage and equity
  • Check your shares and see their value update automatically

Make changes on the go

  • Link your bank accounts
  • Add details of your shares, property and other investments
  • Refresh for up-to-the-minute info
  • Update account info, like your personal details and prescribed investor rate (PIR)

Get clever with our tips and tricks

  • Watch cool videos to help you get on top of your finances
  • Get inside information on how to make the most of the Booster NZ app

Stay safe

  • Our secure app is based on read-only views of your financial accounts
  • You choose exactly what financial data to use in the app
  • Read our privacy policy and terms and conditions for more info

Your financial snapshot at your fingertips

Download the Booster NZ app now on the App Store and Google Play.

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