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Finding it hard to get your head round money and how to manage it?

No worries – watch our fun animations and understand how to get on top of your money, now and in the future.

If you’re out and about, watch the videos whenever you like through the Know-how section in the Booster NZ app.

KiwiSaver basics

If you’re new to KiwiSaver, find out how it makes saving for your retirement easy.

KiwiSaver and your first home

Discover how to use your KiwiSaver to help you buy your first home.

Government contributions

Make sure you know how to get your government contribution each year.

Investing and time horizon

Understand why some kinds of investments need more time than others, and how your plans influence your own investment time horizon.

Investing and risk appetite

See how your comfort with financial risk influences the kinds of investments that suit you and your plans.

Socially responsible investing

If you want to invest your money in ways that support your values, learn more about socially responsible investing (SRI).

Smart thinking in your twenties

When you’re twentysomething, you’ll probably hit some milestones in life. So it’s a perfect time to plan how to fund your goals, like buying a home or saving emergency money.

Your financial snapshot at your fingertips

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