What is socially responsible investing?
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What is socially responsible investing?

Booster offers two socially responsible investment (SRI) funds for our KiwiSaver members, and three SRI funds for our other investors.

As standard, all of Booster's funds rule out investing in controversial areas such as cluster bombs, nuclear weapons and tobacco.

Our SRI funds go one step further, ruling out investing in companies that could have wider negative effects on the environment and society, such as alcohol, gambling, pornography, armaments and fossil fuels.
And, you can be confident in your investment choice - our SRI funds have been certified as responsible by RIAA.*

These funds allow you to make money AND stay true to your values.

Booster's SRI exclusions

Booster's SRI funds have nine specific exclusions. They include:

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Sounds good, right?

Come on over to Booster today and start your ethical investment journey.

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Booster KiwiSaver Scheme - SRI funds

We offer two SRI funds for Booster KiwiSaver Scheme members.

It's super easy to join or transfer over to the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme - just apply online.

You'll just need your IRD number and some photo ID.


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Booster Investment Scheme - SRI funds

Interested in investing with Booster? We offer three SRI investment funds for Booster investors. Speak to your financial adviser today.

Don't have a financial adviser? No problems - let us know and we'll put you in touch with one.


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Find out more:

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Certified Ri Rgb Transparent Resize5Booster’s SRI funds have been certified by the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) according to the strict operational and disclosure practices required under the Responsible Investment Certification Program. See www.responsibleinvestment.org for details.*

* The Responsible Investment Certification Program does not constitute financial product advice. Neither the Certification Symbol nor RIAA recommends to any person that any financial product is a suitable investment or that returns are guaranteed. Appropriate professional advice should be sought prior to making an investment decision. RIAA does not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence.