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Investment performance

Here are the summaries of how the Booster SuperScheme performs each month.


August 2020 (PDF 60kB)

July 2020 (PDF 70kB)

June 2020 (PDF 74kB)

May 2020 (PDF 74kB)

April 2020 (PDF 74kB)

March 2020 (PDF 74kB)

February 2020 (PDF 74kB)

January 2020 (PDF 74kB)


December 2019 (PDF 75kB)

November 2019 (71kB)

October 2019 (76kB)

September 2019 (PDF 71kB)

August 2019 (PDF 72kB)

July 2019 (PDF 166kB)

June 2019 (PDF 75kB)

May 2019 (PDF 71kB)

April 2019 (PDF 74kB)

March 2019 (PDF 75kB)

February 2019 (PDF 71kB)

January 2019 (PDF 76kB)


December 2018 (PDF 86kB)

November 2018 (PDF 85kB)

October 2018 (PDF 85kB)

September 2018 (PDF 131kB)

August 2018 (PDF 94kB)

July 2018 (PDF 112kB)

June 2018 (PDF 126kB)

May 2018 (PDF 97kB)

April 2018 (PDF 186kB)

March 2018 (PDF 181kB)

February 2018 (PDF 220kB)

January 2018 (PDF 118kB)


December 2017 (PDF 276kB)

November 2017 (PDF 300kB)

October 2017 (PDF 267kB)

September 2017 (PDF 185kB)

August 2017 (PDF 69kB)

July 2017 (PDF 58kB)

June 2017 (PDF 89kb)

May 2017 (PDF 172kB)

April 2017 (PDF 120kB)

March 2017 (PDF 77kb)

February 2017 (PDF 78kB)

January 2017 (PDF 77kB)


December 2016 (PDF 77kB)

November 2016 (PDF 76kB)

October 2016 (PDF 78kB)

September 2016 (PDF 78KB)

August 2016 (109kB)

July 2016 (PDF 109kB)

June 2016 (PDF 70kB)

May 2016 (PDF 70kB)

April 2016 (Word 60kB)

Looking for other documents?

Download the Booster SuperScheme Product Disclosure Statement – Sterling Funds and Multi-sector Funds (PDF 290kB)

Download the Booster SuperScheme Product Disclosure Statement – Single-sector and Specialty Funds (PDF 244kB)

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