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Investment performance

View and download summaries of how the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme performs each month.


October 2020 (PDF 133kB)

September 2020 (PDF 92kB)

August 2020 (PDF 92kB)

July 2020 (PDF 129kB)

June 2020 (PDF 129kB)

May 2020 (PDF 129kB)

April 2020 (PDF 130kB)

March 2020 (PDF 130kB)

February 2020 (PDF 126kB)

January 2020 (PDF 125kB)


December 2019 (PDF 126kB)

November 2019 (PDF 125kB)

October 2019 (PDF 125kB)

September 2019 (PDF 125kB)

August 2019 (PDF 127kB)

July 2019 (PDF 220kB)

June 2019 (PDF 129kB)

May 2019 (PDF 125kB)

April 2019 (PDF 128kB)

March 2019 (PDF 129kB)

February 2019 (PDF 125kB)

January 2019 (PDF 130kB)


December 2018 (PDF 127kB)

November 2018 (PDF 141kB)

October 2018 (PDF 141kB)

September 2018 (PDF 178kB)

August 2018 (PDF 141kB)

July 2018 (PDF 226kB)

June 2018 (PDF 197kB)

May 2018 (PDF 140kB)

April 2018 (PDF 227kB)

March 2018 (PDF 181kB)

February 2018 (PDF 264kB)

January 2018 (PDF 220kB)


December 2017 (PDF 503kB)

November 2017 (PDF 318kB)

October 2017 (PDF 142kB)

September 2017 (PDF 240kB)

August 2017 (PDF 209kB)

July 2017 (PDF 115kB)

June 2017 (PDF 167kB)

May 2017 (PDF 135kB)

April 2017 (PDF 173kB)

March 2017 (PDF 94kB)

February 2017 (PDF 94kB)

January 2017 (PDF 94kB)


December 2016 (PDF 94kB)

November 2016 (PDF 94kB)

October 2016 (PDF 94kB)

September 2016 (PDF 114kB)

August 2016 (PDF 128kB)

July 2016 (PDF 128 kB)

June 2016 (PDF 90kB)

May 2016 (PDF 82 kB)

April 2016 (PDF 87kB)

Looking for other documents?

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Look at our assumptions for long-term investment returns (PDF 122kB)

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