Transferring your KiwiSaver
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Australian super transfers

If you have savings in an Australian complying superannuation scheme but now live permanently in New Zealand, you can transfer your account balance to a KiwiSaver scheme.

This transfer won't cause any entry or exit taxes, and Booster won't charge you a fee.

Your Australian superannuation savings will be converted to New Zealand dollars at the exchange rate on the day after your money is credited/cleared to the scheme's Australian bank account.

Note: any funds transferred from Australian complying superannuation schemes to a KiwiSaver scheme will not qualify for the first-home withdrawal.

Australian Super Transfer process

Before we start, you need to know what scheme your Australian Super is currently held with:

My funds are held by a complying Australian Super Scheme

Great! To start the transfer process, simply fill in the Australian Super Transfer contact form, and we'll email you the forms and information you need to know to get the ball rolling.

My funds are held by the Australian Tax Office

If your Australian Super funds are currently held by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), you'll need to transfer them to an Australian complying superannuation scheme before you can transfer them to your KiwiSaver.

To do this, you'll need to open an account with an Australian Super provider. If you're not sure what to do, fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch to help.

I don't know where my Australian Super Funds are held

If you don't know where your Australian Super Funds are held, you'll need to contact the Australian Tax Authority to find out.