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Withdrawing your savings

You’ll become eligible to withdraw your savings from KiwiSaver when you meet both the following conditions. You must:

  • reach the qualifying age for New Zealand superannuation, which is currently 65
  • have been a member for at least five years.

Note that whichever of these dates is later is the one that counts.

Early withdrawal

You may be able to get to your KiwiSaver savings earlier in some cases. Examples include if you:

  • are buying your first home
  • are in significant financial hardship or have a serious illness
  • emigrate for good.

Other situations where your KiwiSaver money can be withdrawn early include:

  • by court order
  • when transferring eligible savings from overseas schemes
  • in the event of your death.

Conditions apply to all of these situations so not everyone will be eligible for an early withdrawal.