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Employer contributions

If you've got a paid job and are making KiwiSaver contributions directly from your salary or wages, your employer has to make contributions too.

Employer contributions will be equal to at least 3% of your pay, but some employers may choose to contribute more.

Your employer won't have to make contributions if:

  • you're under 18 years old
  • you're eligible to make retirement withdrawals, currently at the age of 65
  • you're not making contributions, for example during a savings suspension
  • they're already paying into another eligible registered superannuation scheme for you.

When do my contributions appear in my KiwiSaver account?

Although your contributions are deducted in line with your pay cycle, they don't appear in your KiwiSaver account straight away. There can be a small delay of around 4-6 weeks from when your contributions are deducted to when they show up in your KiwiSaver account. This is because your employer forwards your contributions to IRD first.

Once IRD have processed the contributions, they are sent to us to put into your account.

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