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Conservative funds

Conservative funds are categorised as low risk. They typically invest in income assets such as cash or fixed interest, with a smaller allocation to growth assets – such as shares or property – compared to higher risk funds.

Conservative funds are likely to suit savers:

  • who have less than five years until being eligible to withdraw from KiwiSaver
  • with between five and ten years until retirement who have a relatively low appetite for share market volatility.

Booster KiwiSaver Scheme conservative funds

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    Capital Guaranteed Fund

    A very low-risk fund offering short-term savers stable but low returns due to the annual capital guarantee. As it typically only holds a small amount in ‘growth’ assets, it gives only a very modest degree of capital gains.
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    Enhanced Income Fund

    The most defensive, low-risk fund, with no exposure to capital ‘growth’ investments. It provides short-term savers with a very stable, interest-income based return similar to 'on-call' bank accounts.
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    Default Saver Fund

    A low-risk fund that holds only a small amount in ‘growth’ assets. It aims to give short-term savers relatively consistent, but modest returns.
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    Moderate Fund

    A moderate-risk and actively-managed fund aiming to give medium-term savers relatively consistent returns, with some capital gains over the medium term.
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    Asset Class Conservative Fund

    A moderate-risk fund that aims to give relatively consistent returns to medium-term savers. Its investment strategy is quite ‘passive' – it follows selected market indices over the long term, with no short-term active market timing strategies.

Booster investment funds

If a conservative fund isn't right for you, look at:

Balanced funds

Growth funds

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