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  • Smiling Investor Rising Returns Graph Booster Investment Scheme
  • Smiling Investor Rising Returns Graph Booster Investment Scheme

Private Land and Property Fund

The Fund provides investors with an opportunity to obtain an investment exposure primarily in a specialised portfolio of directly held, unlisted, agricultural and horticultural land and other property investments in New Zealand, which may be supplemented with investments in industrial, commercial and retail properties both in New Zealand and overseas.

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Investment objective

The Fund’s investment objective is to provide investors with a complementary and enhanced risk/return outcome compared to traditional listed property investments.

It aims to generate average annual long-term returns of about 8% (before tax and after all fees, charges and costs) over rolling 7 year periods from a combination of income distributions and capital growth.

Investment strategy

The Fund obtains its Property exposure by buying units in a separate wholesale property fund managed by Booster – the Private Land and Property Portfolio (Wholesale Fund) established under the Booster Investment Scheme.

The Wholesale Fund, in which the Fund invests, may borrow to invest in more Property or to develop Property already held. The level of gearing can vary between 0-65% of the Wholesale Fund’s asset value.

The level of diversification of the Wholesale Fund’s Property investments is expected to broaden over time, but is currently limited to the wine industry across multiple regions of New Zealand.

Risk indicator

Level 3 Risk Indicator

The risk indicator is rated from 1 (low) to 7 (high). The rating reflects how much the value of the Fund’s assets goes up and down (volatility). A higher risk generally means higher potential returns over time, but more ups and downs along the way.

Minimum suggested investment timeframe

7 Years

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Download the Booster Investment Scheme 2 Product Disclosure Statement - Private Land and Property Fund (PDF 2375kB)

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