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Private Land and Property Fund

Invest in New Zealand through our specialised portfolio of property and land investments.

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Target average annual return

(p.a. after all fees, before tax)


Min investment

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Invest in New Zealand land

We’re a nation of land and property owners. Most Kiwis see property as a safe, long-term investment. But more and more people are finding that property ownership is too expensive, too much stress or just simply out of reach.

One alternative is to invest your money in long-term investments. Or, you could set up term deposits. But that’s not always the best answer either. What if you need to access your money quickly? Or want a better return than most term deposits are offering?

We wanted to help New Zealanders invest in something positive, with the freedom and flexibility to access their money when needed – without sacrificing returns.

That’s why we created PLPF. It’s an investment fund with flexibility. PLPF invests back into New Zealand and gives you easy access to your money when you need it.

PLPF is listed on the NZX, which gives you more flexibility in how you choose to invest and also, withdraw your money from PLPF. 

You can choose to invest in PLPF directly with us, or on the NZX. There's no set investment period.

You can withdraw up to $50,000 in any 12-month period directly from the fund without incurring a withdrawal fee. You can also set up regular monthly withdrawals from the fund.

You can choose to sell your holdings on the NZX at any time.

You can invest a little bit with PLPF now and grow your investment over time. You only need $1,000 to get started.

If you’re new to investing, PLPF is a great way to start building up your investment portfolio with property investments. You’ll be investing in a range of income-generating assets right from the start.

If you’ve already got a nest egg saved, PLPF gives you another option for some of that hard-earned cash. With an aim to have healthy returns and built-in flexibility, it’s a smart way to get the most from your money.

PLPF invests in productive land and property assets. This is often agricultural and horticultural land. The land (or property) is then rented by a company looking to grow or supply crops – for instance, a winery or horticultural company, or operated directly. The rent or net proceeds from the crop produces an income stream which is returned to investors as a distribution.

Often, these investments have come out of our specialist NZ investment fund, Tahi, so we’re already working with the business owners and understand the returns and potential growth of the investment.

The long-term annual average return target is 6.5% p.a. over rolling 7-year periods. This is before tax, but after all fees, charges and costs. The return is a combination of income and capital gains as properties reach full productive capability.

When the fund pays distributions (usually every quarter), you can choose to receive this payment or have it automatically reinvested in PLPF.

The distribution is the result of income generated from rents and the crops produced on the land. Because crop production fluctuates, the distribution is not set at a fixed rate and will vary.

PLPF offers diversification across different property types and regions in New Zealand. This means you can access a level of investment diversification that most people can’t achieve without substantial investment sums.

 - Portfolio diversification

PLPF offers you an opportunity to further diversify your investment portfolio. By investing in the fund, you’re adding a mix of investment properties into your portfolio – but with none of the associated risk of managing it all yourself!

 - Lower return volatility

PLPF offers you more certainty as an investment choice because the fund has lower return volatility. Because PLPF invests in unlisted properties, the investments are not revalued as often as listed property investments - which are typically priced and traded daily on an active market.

 - Your investment keeps pace with inflation

With PLPF, the fund is designed to appreciate with inflation, helping preserve the ‘real’ value of your investment.

It’s a good idea to think about the true value of your money sitting in term deposits. Over time you might find that the actual value of your money in a term deposit has dropped – because money in term deposits doesn’t appreciate with inflation.

Eg: if inflation was at 1%, and your term deposit was paying 3%, your ‘real’ rate of return is 2% - and that’s before tax.

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The PLPF story

We saw the opportunity for New Zealanders to invest in the very land that is the backbone of our country.

How do I get in and out of PLPF?

PLPF is listed on the NZX, which means you can choose how you invest in and withdraw from the fund. You can buy units on the NZX. Or, you can invest directly with Booster.

Invest via the NZX

You can buy units in PLPF on the NZX market at any time, as long as there are interested sellers.
You can sell your units in PLPF on the NZX market at any time, as long as there are interested buyers.

NZX code: PLP

PLPF Buying and Selling FAQs

Invest directly with Booster

We accept new investments into PLPF at the start of each month. You can apply directly online or through your financial adviser. We'll process your investment on the first business day of the month. The minimum investment amount is $1,000.
We process withdrawal requests from PLPF at the start of each month. The minimum withdrawal amount is $500.
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The PLPF team

You might not have heard of Booster, but we’ve been in the financial services industry for over 20 years. We’re headed up by a team of financial and investment experts.

PLPF return, fees and share info

PLPF's average long-term return target of 6.5% p.a. is before tax but AFTER all fees, charges and costs. We don’t charge set up or contribution fees.

Because PLPF is actively managed by us, there is a management fee to pay. 

You can invest in PLPF directly through Booster, or buy units on the NZX. You can review the NZX price, our unit price and any NZX PLPF announcements.

PLPF Annual return Average target return rate
(after all fees but before tax)


Management fee Management fee
(paid to Booster)
Other management and admin charges In fund costs 0.10%
Property operating expenses (estimate) 0.09%
Annual fund charges   Total (estimate) 1.19%



No investment is without some risk – even term-deposits! One way to manage that risk is to diversify your investment portfolio.

PLPF provides diversification as it invests in land and property. PLPF offers greater flexibility, better returns than term deposits and you have access to your money when you need it. Plus, you’re investing directly back into New Zealand.

It doesn't matter how you choose to invest in PLPF - the outcome will be the same. You'll hold investment units in the Private Land and Property Fund.

It's more about how comfortable you feel about managing your own investment account. If you choose to invest through NZX, this will be managed on your behalf by your broker.

If you choose to invest directly with Booster, you'll get access to mybooster so you can manage your investment yourself. You'll also receive communications directly from Booster.

Direct invest vs NZX
  Invest direct NZX
Entry fees No entry fees Brokerage will apply
Exit fees No exit fees on withdrawals up to $50,000 in a 12mth period. A fee of 1-5% may apply to withdrawals over $50,000 per year Brokerage will apply
Price/Value Unit price reflects value of the fund's assets Unit price is set by the market
Liquidity Withdrawals are processed and paid once a month. Given the nature of property investments, withdrawals could take longer, depending on available liquidity. Trading occurs daily
Availability Under usual circumstances, the fund should be able to accept any investment requests. The market will dictate the volume of units available to buy and sell.


PLPF is a listed PIE. This means that the amount of tax the fund pays is calculated at the rate of 28% on its taxable income.

The fund intends to pay quarterly distributions which will include any imputation credits. If you are a New Zealand resident individual or trustee investor (other than a unit trust) and your marginal tax rate is less than 28%, you can choose to include the fully imputed portion of the distribution in your tax return, and apply the surplus tax credits against other income on which you are required to pay tax.

Booster has established a Distribution Reinvestment Plan for PLPF. A Distribution Reinvestment Plan reinvests your distribution into the fund on your behalf – instead of paying it out to you in cash.

Reinvesting your distribution is a common, convenient and cost-effective way to increase your investment in Fund.

PLPF will pay out a distribution every quarter. You can choose to receive that distribution as cash, or if you choose to join the DRP, you can have your distribution reinvested into PLPF on your behalf.

You can choose to opt-in or opt-out of the DRP at any time.

See PLPF Distribution Reinvestment Plan for more information.

If you’re already a PLPF investor and want to join the DRP, download the PLPF DRP Election Notice Form.

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