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  • Smiling Investor Rising Returns Graph Booster Investment Scheme


We offer a range of investment funds with varying degrees of active management; from ‘high’ (the Investment Series) to ‘simple’ (the Focus Series).

Delivering good returns over time takes patience, discipline and financial vision. Our expert team actively seek out opportunities, with care and control, because leading in the long term is not about ‘chasing the top’ in the short term.

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    Smooth the bumps

    We look for the ups, but in a measured way, because we know consistency is all about actively controlling risk and avoiding extremes.
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    Managing downside risk

    Our investment approach is distinctive for focusing on managing downside risk, combining our Kiwi nous with rigorous research into where things could go wrong.
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    Enjoy full transparency

    We show you exactly where your money’s invested and why we’ve invested it there.
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    Starting is easy as

    You don’t have to be a big-time investor to join us. All you need is $ 1000 and a financial adviser. If you don’t have one, we can put you in touch.

Booster investments

We offer a range of funds that you might like to look into.

Investment Series

Focus Series

Wholesale Series


If you have any queries or want to know more:

  • call us on 0800 336 338
  • talk to your financial adviser, if you have one.