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NZ Innovation Booster invests in Multiple sclerosis drug research

NZ Innovation Booster has announced its latest investment with funding for a potentially ground-breaking Multiple sclerosis drug, currently being developed by Rekover Therapeutics.

5 min chat: David Beattie – should I change my KiwiSaver fund?

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, which means there's a lot to take in – not least how it all affects your KiwiSaver investment or any other investments you may have.

Understanding market volatility in uncertain times

While market drops can be unnerving to watch, the strategic diversification and active components within Booster’s portfolios are working well to ease some of the downside risks.

The tragedy of the commons

Being stuck in traffic is no fun. No one likes the jerky start stops, increased stress and delayed schedules. It is tempting to wonder what would happen if half the people driving took the bus instead.

Concerned about market activity and your KiwiSaver balance?

Concerned about market activity and your KiwiSaver balance? Wondering what the best course of action is to take? It will depend on your investment timeframe and savings goals.

Booster's cyber security measures

Online security is more important than ever. James Story, our Head of Technology, outlines the steps Booster takes to ensure your personal information is protected.

5 min chat: Alison Payne and PLPF

Alison Payne, Booster's Chief Operating Officer, discusses how Booster's Private Land and Property Fund is an alternative to traditional property investments, while investing back into New Zealand land and property.

Making extra contributions to KiwiSaver

Tom Donoghue contributes to his KiwiSaver fund with extra payments, using the convenience of direct debit. Knowing that his Booster KiwiSaver fund is ethically invested was also an important factor for Tom.

Viruses and their effect on markets

Over the few past weeks, the media has been filled with information on the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. But how does this compare to other epidemics recently? And what has Booster done in response?

When the stock market reacts to global events

The markets might be reacting to the media reports of the coronavirus outbreak at the moment, but it's not unusual. Markets go through up and down cycles on a regular basis. The key thing to do is not panic and jump into any rash decisions.

NZ Innovation Booster invests in Multiple sclerosis drug research

The New Zealand Innovation Booster announces its latest funding investment for a potentially ground-breaking Multiple sclerosis drug, being developed by Rekover Therapeutics.

Checklist: How to get financially prepared

Been playing ostrich with your finances for too long? Time to take your head out of the sand and get your finances under control! Use this handy checklist to help get you started.

Responsible investing toolkit

Responsible investing is an evolving space. Investors look at a range of factors, including non-financial disclosure information from companies, to determine investment opportunities. But how is this information actually used to make investment decisions?

The joy of less

Michelle found herself looking around at the stuff that her and her husband had amassed over a 20-year period and wondered how on earth they were going pack up their lives and start fresh in New Zealand.

A guide to socially responsible investing

Saving for the long term – whether for retirement, your first house, your kids’ education or perhaps that dream boat – is a process that takes some degree of patience. A lot of your time and effort is spent earning those savings.

Approaching Christmas on a high note

Looking back over 2019, global share markets give us another reason to celebrate.

KiwiSaver after 65

I plan to work for as long as I can, so leaving my KiwiSaver invested gives me a nice little fund that I can draw on occasionally, if I need to.

Booster's 'Be part of history' campaign

Earlier this year, we ran a series of adverts across Facebook and Instagram, focusing in on several key events in New Zealand’s history.

Investing in Booster's SRI funds

By avoiding investing in fossil fuels, Booster’s SRI funds align with my personal and business ethos: to live more sustainably and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Kiwi businesses taking on the world

Sadly the ball didn’t quite land the right way for us in the Rugby World Cup with the All Blacks tumbling out of the comp in the Semis. But feel rest assured that rugby is not the only place where Kiwis are able to compete on the world stage.

Kombucha and...KiwiSaver?

You’re the recycling guru, you always have a reusable bag on hand – because, whales! – and you’ve switched to using beeswax wraps for your leftovers.

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