Spotlight Series

Our Spotlight Series shines a light on some of the interesting and unique investments within Booster's portfolios; helping you understand the rationale behind our investments and creating a connection between you, your money and the wider world.



11 August 2021
Darling Group

As New Zealand's projected population growth is expected to hit 6 million by 2030, how do we ensure a continuous supply of produce to support a growing population?

Darling Group, a family-run business, is a leading land-to-consumer supplier of fresh produce - namely avocados, citrus, and more recently - blueberries. Darling Group's long-term vertical integration strategy and unique business model was a key factor for Tahi's investment in the company.

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25 Nov 2020

Apple's 'think different' ethos has led them to become a renowned, multinational tech giant who design, develop and sell a plethora of consumer electronics, computer software and online services.

Not only are they still creating future-leading tech, Apple has also turned their innovative focus on their environmental impact, committing to reduce their carbon footprint and be carbon neutral by 2030.

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7 Sept 2020
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

An iconic Kiwi brand, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a world leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices and systems.

With a dedicated focus on product development and research, F&P Healthcare's Optiflow technology is proving essential as a front-line treatment option for Covid-19.

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16 July 2020
Dodson Motorsport

Dodson Motorsport is a world-leading brand in upgraded aftermarket dual clutch transmission components.

Looking for an investment partner with a long-term outlook, Booster Tahi has enabled Dodson to invest in production equipment, upgraded facilities and research and development to keep Dodson at the top of their game.

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18 June 2020
Inhibit Coatings

Silver has long been valued for its unique antibacterial and healing properties. Recent application is the use of silver in protective coatings and paint systems for industrial, commercial and domestic use.

Inhibit Coatings, a Wellington-based startup, has developed technology that binds silver nanoparticles within polymer resin to produce high-performance antimicrobial coatings for use in healthcare, food-processing and aged-care facilities.

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28 May 2020
Rothschild Bank & Costco

Costco is the world's third largest retailer with over 100 million square feet of warehouse space. Their operating philosophy is simple - keep costs down and pass the savings onto their members.

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30 April 2020
Booster Wine Group

There's no question that New Zealand's wine industry is one of our biggest industries. Our wine is exported across the globe, and considered to be amongst some of the finest in the world.

Nigel Avery, joint CEO of Booster Wine Group, shares his passion for the industry and why he thinks the long-term prospects for NZ wine are strong.

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9 April 2020
Sunchaser Avocados

To remain at the forefront of avocado production, Sunchaser has developed the art of growing export-quality avocados. On an island!

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