Introducing the mybooster refresh

09 April 2020

We are busy behind the scenes working on lots of exciting new features and products for mybooster, and when we release them, we will share the news here! And boy are we excited about this first announcement.

Introducing the new and improved mybooster!

Where to start…maybe with what we think are the coolest features of mybooster. Even though a lot has changed, the key things you can do right now are still there – we’ve simply made them much easier to find and do (like updating your PIR and contact details) and we’ve given the design a gorgeous facelift! But back to our favourite new features that we want to highlight: 

Person Icon V10 01

mybooster is yours

It’s about bringing you to the forefront 

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It’s about helping you focus on what’s relevant to you

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Your overall wealth picture

It’s about helping you make sense of your money

Mybooster is all about bringing you to the forefront, from the Kia Ora (Your name here) to the updated name “mybooster” we really want to ensure your portal is just that, yours. Adding in these simple touches is about ensuring you have ownership over your Booster account.

Mybooster’s personalisation helps you focus on what’s relevant to you. We’ve done this in a couple of ways. We’ve cleaned up the main menu so it only shows the products you currently have with us – which are also displayed on the main dashboard you see each time you log in. We’ve introduced ‘quick access’ links to help you find things more easily – again these are personalised, so you only see what’s relevant to you and your account. Plus, we’ve added a new feature where you can set up your long-term savings goal (either first home or retirement) including the age you’re planning on getting there, to help you stay focused on each goal.

Mybooster shows you your overall wealth picture. Money is a funny thing isn’t it? For some, the word ‘wealth’ is associated with being ‘rich’. For us, wealth it’s about helping you making sense of your money, and our refreshed design focuses on this – showing all your finances in one place to support you in finding any opportunities you have with your money.  

Another noteworthy feature to keep an eye out for is notifications, meaning we can communicate with you directly through mybooster. And don’t forget you can connect your bank accounts to Booster, so you can automatically see your overall financial picture.

These are just a few things that stand out to us and we hope you’ll like them when exploring the mybooster’s new design.


We’ve made it easy to navigate!

When you first log into mybooster, you’ll get a tour to explain all the new dashboard features and layout, so no need to stress about having to learn something new. And you can re-take the tour anytime you need a reminder. We wanted to make it as simple as possible, with a bit of help if you need it.


Tell us what you think 

After you’ve checked out mybooster, we’d love to hear what you think about it (what you like – or don’t like) and what you’d like to see more of? You can tell us by emailing us direct on [email protected]

Log in and have a play around! And if you’ve never logged in before, it’s super easy to register – here’s a link to do just that! 

Until the next announcement…Rach & Jude


Rachel Nowicki

Rachel Nowicki

Senior Manager - Growth

Jude Davies

Jude Davies

Customer Experience Manager