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BIF’s Bright Sparks Q&A - Hot Lime Labs

Hot Lime Labs is an early-stage tech Kiwi company in the growing Booster Innovation Fund (BIF) portfolio, who are breaking new ground by challenging industrial norms.

What happened in the markets in November?

Booster's update on what happened in the markets in November 2021.

New exclusions to Booster’s socially responsible investment funds

We've updated our socially responsible investment funds with six new exclusions, taking our total number of exclusions to 15.

Guide to tiered fee rebates

A guide to Booster's new tiered fee rebate system.

Booster forms new partnership with venture capital fund, Matū

Booster and Matū have formed a new partnership that will benefit New Zealand start-ups in the science and innovation sector.

Booster Spotlight Series - Darling Group

A leading supplier of avocados and citrus in the New Zealand market, Darling Group is a family-run company providing fresh produce from local and international suppliers to major supermarkets year round.

Amaroq Therapeutics secures $14 million investment for new cancer drug

Amaroq Therapeutics, part of NZ Innovation Booster's portfolio, has secured $14 million in backing to help develop a new kind of targeted cancer drug in the emerging field of RNA therapy.

Booster's low KiwiSaver fund switch rate shows value of financial advice

An FMA report reveals younger people were more likely to switch to a lower risk fund during COVID-19 market volatility without understanding the long-term impact of their decision.

Booster retains default KiwiSaver provider status

Booster has been reappointed as a default KiwiSaver provider for another seven year term.

Calling on social media giants for greater accountability

Booster joined an initiative led by the NZ Super Fund, calling on social media companies to do more to prevent their platforms being used to disseminate objectionable material.

Booster leads the way in responsible investing

Booster has been named as a leader in responsible investment in the 2020 Responsible Investment Benchmark Report New Zealand, issued by the RIAA.

Booster Spotlight Series – Dodson Motorsport

Dodson Motorsport is a world-leading brand in upgraded aftermarket dual clutch transmission components.

Booster Spotlight Series – Inhibit Coatings

NZ Innovation Booster invests in a number of exciting research and innovative start-ups, helping fund the ground-breaking research to the next level – while keeping IP right here in NZ - one exciting innovation is Inhibit Coatings.

Kiwis helping Kiwis in the Booster Tahi Fund

Global share markets have continued to bounce back from the big sell off in March, as investors started looking ahead to the gradual lifting of restrictions around the world.

Introducing mybudgetpal

Dive into the what, the why and the how behind the creation of mybudgetpal and why we’re opening it up to all New Zealanders!

Booster Spotlight Series – Booster Wine Group

There’s no question that New Zealand’s wine industry is one of our biggest industries. Our wine is exported across the globe, and considered to be amongst some of the finest in the world.

Booster Spotlight Series – Sunchaser Avocados

To remain at the forefront of avocado production, Sunchaser has perfected the art of growing export-quality avocados on an island.

Introducing the mybooster refresh

Find out what we have been busy doing behind the scenes with lots of exciting new features and products for mybooster - including the new and improved mybooster!

Concerned about market activity and your KiwiSaver balance?

Concerned about market activity and your KiwiSaver balance? Wondering what the best course of action is to take? It will depend on your investment timeframe and savings goals.

5 min chat: Alison Payne and PLPF

Alison Payne, Booster's Chief Operating Officer, discusses how Booster's Private Land and Property Fund is an alternative to traditional property investments, while investing back into New Zealand land and property.

NZ Innovation Booster invests in Multiple sclerosis drug research

The New Zealand Innovation Booster announces its latest funding investment for a potentially ground-breaking Multiple sclerosis drug, being developed by Rekover Therapeutics.

Why investing in PLPF is good for your nest egg

Paul Foley, Chairman of Booster, explains why investing in PLPF is a good addition to your nest egg if you're looking for something that offers more than standard term deposits.

Visiting Motiti Island - Home of the Sunchaser avocados

Recently Dan from Booster had the pleasure of flying up to the sunny Bay of Plenty to visit Motiti Island to join the winners of our ‘Win a trip to Motiti Island’ competition.

Booster’s Private Land & Property Portfolio buys kiwifruit orchard

Booster is adding a Kerikeri kiwifruit orchard to its Private Land & Property Portfolio.

Tahi expands investment portfolio with Dodson Motorsport

Tahi expands investment portfolio with investment in world-leading transmission components manufacturer.

Bootsie joins Booster team

It’s the sporting question that stumps many a pub quiz pundit: who was at the non-striker’s end during the infamous underarm bowling incident?

Booster welcomes new venture capital fund

The Government’s Budget announcement of a new $300 million venture capital fund is a welcome injection into New Zealand’s capital market.

Booster is now Living Wage accredited

Booster is proud to announce it is now accredited as a Living Wage employer by Living Wage Aotearoa.

Booster steers new course for KiwiSaver with Mahana Estates

Booster has announced its purchase of the former Mahana Estates Winery site and the formation of the Booster Wine Group.

Time to stop investing in controversial weapons

Booster is pleased to announce it is one of the first New Zealand co-signatories calling for action on continued investment in controversial weapons.

SuperRatings ranks Booster KiwiSaver Scheme

Booster achieved a Gold rating, one of only eight KiwiSaver schemes to achieve the rating.

Boosting New Zealand innovation

Booster has formed a partnership with Viclink, the commercial arm of Victoria University of Wellington.

Booster joins Conscious Consumers (now CoGo)

Booster is pleased to announce it has now become the first accredited financial services provider with Conscious Consumers.

Sileni Estates join the Tahi family

Sileni Estates is the newest addition to Tahi's investment portfolio.

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