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Make sense of your money with Budget builder
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Budget builder

To get the financial future you want, you need to know where your money is being spent.

Exclusive to Booster members, our new Budget builder allows you to track exactly where your money is being spent.

Budget builder allows you to compare spending over different periods, so you can identify areas of your budget that might benefit from some attention and spending changes.

You'll be able to set savings goals and track your changing spending habits over time. Understanding the money flowing in and out of your bank accounts and improving your spending and saving habits, will help move you towards the financial future you want.

And to make it even easier – Budget builder will automatically sync with your bank accounts to download and categorise your expenses for you – so you don’t have to spend hours working out what goes where!

Simply log into mybooster and connect your bank accounts to get started!

Bb Connect Bank Icon V10 06Connect your bank accounts

Budget builder is compatible with most major banks. Simply connect your bank accounts in mybooster, and let Budget builder do the work!

Bb Categories Icon V10 01Your spending, sorted

Your spending is automatically sorted into 48 categories, so you can start to map exactly where it's all going.

Bb Upfront View Icon V10 02Get an upfront view of your spending

Your income, minus expenses, equals your net income. Seeing red? To have spare change, you'll have to make a change.

Bb Budget Period Icon V10 03Choose your budget period

Weekly or fortnightly? Monthly or annual? Whatever you choose, compare your spending over time to see how you're progressing.

Bb Goals Icon V10 04Set savings goals - and reach them

Become a saver by setting savings goals and work towards something truly epic. Set savings goals and hold yourself accountable. Budget builder will let you know when you hit your goal....or how far away you are.

Bb Trends Icon V10 05Watch your spending habits change

Budget builder helps you easily identify spending patterns and habits, so you can make more informed choices with your money.

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