Investing in New Zealand
Tahi invests in New Zealand's bright future
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Why Tahi?

As a Kiwi company, we want a strong New Zealand that offers jobs and happy lives. We want to make sure that NZ companies carry on growing so we all benefit.

Booster started off with a handful of people so we know exactly how hard it is to grow past a certain size. We made it through that time when we needed big investment to build for the future so now we aim to help other NZ companies win through.

Tahi offers an opportunity to invest back into successful New Zealand businesses, keeping jobs and profits right here. Many of our Booster KiwiSaver Scheme funds and other investment funds invest in Tahi, so some of your money now goes direct to NZ business owners who dream big and deliver bigger.

New Zealand is booming – full of creative ideas and get-ahead spirit – so we’re playing our part to help New Zealand grow and hold our own on the global stage.

Lending a helping hand

As a Booster member, you're lending a hand to New Zealand companies with get-up-and-go so they can become bigger and better. Of course, we don’t just give away your money to anyone. We make sure these companies are strong and know what they want to do – and why – and then we go into partnership with them. We share our business experience and financial nous so our partners keep going in the right direction – onwards and upwards.

Investing in New Zealand companies makes sense for us, for them and for you.

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