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Money Talk: Money & Relationships

One of the biggest causes of stress in relationships is money. Especially if you have different attitudes towards money and spending. We chat with two of our Booster team members to find out how they talk about money with their partners and how it shapes their relationship.

Money Talk: Hindsight is always 20-20

Dave Copson explains why working with a financial adviser could be the best decision you make for getting yourself on the right path for your best financial future.

First home with KiwiSaver

By increasing his KiwiSaver contributions and saving hard, Troy was in a great position to buy his first home in a short amount of time.

Money Talk: The $50 kids challenge

How do you turn a little money-spender into a serious saver? Di Papadopoulos explains how she kickstarted the saving buzz with her first child - with the $50 kids challenge.

How I bought my first home in under 5 years

We asked Jermaine to share with us how he managed to purchase his first home in just under five years.