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Tips and guides

Guide to tiered fee rebates

A guide to Booster's new tiered fee rebate system.

Becoming an ethical investor

Ethical investing is important to Kiwi investors. But what is ethical investing? What does ethical investing mean? And can you invest your KiwiSaver savings ethically?

Your 5 step KiwiSaver guide

KiwiSaver is a great tool to help you save for your future – whether that’s saving a deposit for your first home or setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement. Here's our quick and simple guide to help you get your KiwiSaver account sorted.

Chapter 7: The Spendy Saver’s tips

Grace shares some of the helpful money management tips she's learnt from working in the financial services industry. Some of these she's used to help her get out of debt and others have been helpful for clients she has talked to.

Booster's cyber security measures

Online security is more important than ever. James Story, our Head of Technology, outlines the steps Booster takes to ensure your personal information is protected.

Checklist: How to get financially prepared

Been playing ostrich with your finances for too long? Time to take your head out of the sand and get your finances under control! Use this handy checklist to help get you started.

Keep your online data safe

There’s a lot of talk around keeping yourself protected online, but what does that actually mean?

Money advice for first-time adults

Becoming responsible for yourself and how you want to live in the world is a big adventure. It’s fun, can be challenging at times and you learn so much about the world and how it works.

DB's Friday Booster

A 5-minute podcast with Booster principal David Beattie exploring the economic and financial news, questions and thoughts of the week.

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