Kiwisaver Retirement

KiwiSaver and retirement

Booster retains default KiwiSaver provider status

Booster has been reappointed as a default KiwiSaver provider for another seven year term.

Your 5 step KiwiSaver guide

KiwiSaver is a great tool to help you save for your future – whether that’s saving a deposit for your first home or setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement. Here's our quick and simple guide to help you get your KiwiSaver account sorted.

Does ethical investing stack up?

Over three-quarters of New Zealanders expect their KiwiSaver investment funds to be managed responsibly and ethically, but there’s still a widely held perception that ethical investment funds don’t perform as well as non-ethical funds. So what are the factors that influence a funds performance, and how does excluding certain industries, such as fossil fuels, lead to better performance in an investment fund?

Chapter 6: The Spendy Saver buys a house!

Grace's savings plan had finally paid off. Grace and her partner had managed to purchase their very own brand new four-bedroom home!

Chapter 5: The Spendy Saver gets promoted

A promotion, set savings goals and extra KiwiSaver contributions. Grace's savings started to build up, which was really exciting to see all her hard work pay off and see the balance grow!

5 min chat: David Beattie – should I change my KiwiSaver fund?

There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment, which means there's a lot to take in – not least how it all affects your KiwiSaver investment or any other investments you may have.

Concerned about market activity and your KiwiSaver balance?

Concerned about market activity and your KiwiSaver balance? Wondering what the best course of action is to take? It will depend on your investment timeframe and savings goals.

Making extra contributions to KiwiSaver

Tom Donoghue contributes to his KiwiSaver fund with extra payments, using the convenience of direct debit. Knowing that his Booster KiwiSaver fund is ethically invested was also an important factor for Tom.

When the stock market reacts to global events

The markets might be reacting to the media reports of the coronavirus outbreak at the moment, but it's not unusual. Markets go through up and down cycles on a regular basis. The key thing to do is not panic and jump into any rash decisions.

KiwiSaver after 65

I plan to work for as long as I can, so leaving my KiwiSaver invested gives me a nice little fund that I can draw on occasionally, if I need to.

Booster's 'Be part of history' campaign

Earlier this year, we ran a series of adverts across Facebook and Instagram, focusing in on several key events in New Zealand’s history.

Kombucha and...KiwiSaver?

You’re the recycling guru, you always have a reusable bag on hand – because, whales! – and you’ve switched to using beeswax wraps for your leftovers.

Ethically saving a first home deposit

Booster’s socially responsible investment funds helped Sofia save for her first home deposit ethically.

First home with KiwiSaver

By increasing his KiwiSaver contributions and saving hard, Troy was in a great position to buy his first home in a short amount of time.

How I bought my first home in under 5 years

We asked Jermaine to share with us how he managed to purchase his first home in just under five years.

Understanding the importance of KiwiSaver.

Russell Moala-Mafi knows first-hand what happens when you overlook the importance of understanding KiwiSaver.

DB's Friday Booster

A 5-minute podcast with Booster principal David Beattie exploring the economic and financial news, questions and thoughts of the week.

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