Time to stop investing in controversial weapons

10 January 2019

Booster is pleased to announce it is one of the first New Zealand co-signatories to the recent global investor initiative, calling for action on continued investment in controversial weapons.

The request to global index providers, including S&P Global, MSCI and FTSE Russell, is to remove companies involved in controversial weapons manufacture from the major index funds.

The open letter calls for global indices to exclude companies involved in the manufacture of cluster munitions, anti-personnel mines and chemical, biological and nuclear weapons from the main benchmarks. The initiative highlights a growing expectation that index providers need to reflect investor practices and expectations, making it easier for investors to actively avoid investing in companies that still manufacture controversial weapons.

David Beattie, Principal, said, “Booster has always taken a responsible approach to investing. Kiwi investors are increasingly wanting to know that their investments are not supporting harmful or controversial activities. Becoming a co-signatory to this global initiative is further confirmation of our commitment to responsible investing.”

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This initiative is a way for the global investment community to use its collective voice to persuade the major index providers to change their approach to one that better reflects the beliefs of everyday investors - as well as international conventions.

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Since the initiative’s launch, over 115 signatories across the world, controlling USD $6.167tn in assets, have signed the open letter (as at 7 Jan 2019).

Read the full press release here