Booster leading the way

10 October 2018

As a default KiwiSaver Scheme provider, supporting our members to make the most of their Booster KiwiSaver scheme account is high on our priority list.

For many default members, that includes helping them make an informed decision (or 'active choice') about the fund they're in, so they are set up to meet their savings goals and aspirations.

The FMA has just released their annual report on KiwiSaver for 2018. Booster has topped the table for enabling default members to make their own decisions about which fund to invest in - this includes those who chose to stay in the Default Savers fund and those who moved into a different investment fund. In 2018, 15% of out total default members made an active choice, which means they're taking more control over their financial futures.

While this is great recognition for Booster and an indicator of the level of support we offer to all our members, what we're most pleased about is the growing number of our default members who are taking charge of their KiwiSaver accounts.

Read the FMA 2018 KiwiSaver Annual report