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Six new exclusions have been added to Booster's socially responsible investment funds

We know that for many KiwiSaver investors, being able to invest in a fund that aligns with their personal values is an important factor when choosing a KiwiSaver investment fund. Based on research and member feedback, we've updated our socially responsible investment funds with six new exclusions, taking the total number of exclusions to 15.

BIF’s Bright Sparks Q&A - Hot Lime Labs

Hot Lime Labs is an early-stage tech Kiwi company in the growing Booster Innovation Fund (BIF) portfolio, who are breaking new ground by challenging industrial norms.

What happened in the markets in November?

Booster's update on what happened in the markets in November 2021.

New exclusions to Booster’s socially responsible investment funds

We've updated our socially responsible investment funds with six new exclusions, taking our total number of exclusions to 15.

Guide to tiered fee rebates

A guide to Booster's new tiered fee rebate system.

Booster forms new partnership with venture capital fund, Matū

Booster and Matū have formed a new partnership that will benefit New Zealand start-ups in the science and innovation sector.

Booster Spotlight Series - Darling Group

A leading supplier of avocados and citrus in the New Zealand market, Darling Group is a family-run company providing fresh produce from local and international suppliers to major supermarkets year round.

9 ways to save on your power bill

As winter bites, we all look for ways to reduce power usage to avoid big power bills. MoneyTalks have put together 9 ideas that might help you save money on your power bill.

Amaroq Therapeutics secures $14 million investment for new cancer drug

Amaroq Therapeutics, part of NZ Innovation Booster's portfolio, has secured $14 million in backing to help develop a new kind of targeted cancer drug in the emerging field of RNA therapy.

Booster's low KiwiSaver fund switch rate shows value of financial advice

An FMA report reveals younger people were more likely to switch to a lower risk fund during COVID-19 market volatility without understanding the long-term impact of their decision.

The upside of ethical investing

What holds investors back from choosing to invest in ethical funds? It seems there’s still a widely held perception that ethical funds don’t perform as well as standard funds. Is this still the case?

Booster retains default KiwiSaver provider status

Booster has been reappointed as a default KiwiSaver provider for another seven year term.

Becoming an ethical investor

Ethical investing is important to Kiwi investors. But what is ethical investing? What does ethical investing mean? And can you invest your KiwiSaver savings ethically?

Your 5 step KiwiSaver guide

KiwiSaver is a great tool to help you save for your future – whether that’s saving a deposit for your first home or setting yourself up for a comfortable retirement. Here's our quick and simple guide to help you get your KiwiSaver account sorted.

Are interest rates heading back up to ‘normal’?

The fixed interest investments (or bonds) in portfolios typically perform well during market stress, as investors favour low-risk assets that generate income. 2020 was no exception.

The best budget resolutions are set in February

It's all too easy to set grand New Year's resolutions while you're relaxing on holiday. Here's why you should set money goals in February – and my best tips for sticking to them.

Calling on social media giants for greater accountability

Booster joined an initiative led by the NZ Super Fund, calling on social media companies to do more to prevent their platforms being used to disseminate objectionable material.

Is your emotional attachment to money holding you back?

The way you attach value to money is more complex than you might realise. Yet, $100 is $100. The value of that $100 doesn’t change, regardless of the emotional value you attribute to it.

A dose of optimism

The big news in November (aside from the results of the US election) has been the release of positive Covid-19 vaccine outcomes.

What can we expect from a new POTUS?

The world held its collective breath during the recent US election. Although it’s pretty much expected that Biden will take over the Oval Office from 20 January 2021, he will likely face a Republican controlled Senate and divided government, potentially limiting his ability to make major legislative changes. So what does this mean for the markets?

Why is budgeting so hard?

Budgeting should be as simple as: money in, money out. Yet, for most of us, the thought of budgeting leaves us in a cold sweat. Why is that? Well, our brains aren’t particularly well suited to the concept of budgeting, and there are 3 key reasons for this.

Does ethical investing stack up?

Over three-quarters of New Zealanders expect their KiwiSaver investment funds to be managed responsibly and ethically, but there’s still a widely held perception that ethical investment funds don’t perform as well as non-ethical funds. So what are the factors that influence a funds performance, and how does excluding certain industries, such as fossil fuels, lead to better performance in an investment fund?

Booster Spotlight Series – Apple

Apple has been leading the way with cool tech, gadgets, and computers since the late '70s. They've now turned this innovative focus on their environmental impact, committing to reduce their carbon footprint and be carbon neutral by 2030. So how will this tech giant achieve such a significant reduction in their carbon footprint?

The effects of 2020 on the stock market and its recovery

How likely is it, really, that the stock market recovers from ‘the 2020 effect’?

Term deposits and low interest rates

The current low interest rate environment is making it harder for investors to get good returns on their investments. So, what can you do about it?

Booster Spotlight Series – F&P Healthcare

An iconic Kiwi brand, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare is a world leader in the design and manufacture of medical devices and systems. F&P Healthcare's Optiflow™ technology is proving essential as a front-line treatment option for Covid-19.

A safe pair of hands

In cricket, wicket keepers are said to be a ‘safe pair of hands’. They act as insurance for the bowler: taking the catch from that great delivery and – just as importantly – preventing the not so great deliveries going to the boundary for runs.

Engaging with the companies you invest in

Investing in a company isn't just about doing well when the company does well. It also means having a say in how the company is run. How does this happen and what does it mean for you as an investor?

NZ joins the ‘money printing’ club

The term ‘quantitative easing’ has been tossed around in the media recently, particularly in reference to the Covid-19 economic recovery.… But what does this actually mean?

Why do I need life insurance?

What is life insurance and why is it important? Life insurance isn’t so much for you. It’s for your family, should something happen to you.

Insurance – for peace of mind

People can be wary about risk insurance products and might think that it’s not worth it and they could save the money they’d pay in premiums and use that instead if an emergency struck. Often, that’s not the case.

Booster Spotlight Series – Dodson Motorsport

Dodson Motorsport is a world-leading brand in upgraded aftermarket dual clutch transmission components.

Chapter 8: What's next for The Spendy Saver?

In her final blog post, Grace shares some of the ways she's been able to help her friends and family manage their money better. She also reveals what's next in her savings journey.

Chapter 7: The Spendy Saver’s tips

Grace shares some of the helpful money management tips she's learnt from working in the financial services industry. Some of these she's used to help her get out of debt and others have been helpful for clients she has talked to.

Chapter 6: The Spendy Saver buys a house!

Grace's savings plan had finally paid off. Grace and her partner had managed to purchase their very own brand new four-bedroom home!

Chapter 5: The Spendy Saver gets promoted

A promotion, set savings goals and extra KiwiSaver contributions. Grace's savings started to build up, which was really exciting to see all her hard work pay off and see the balance grow!

Booster Spotlight Series – Inhibit Coatings

NZ Innovation Booster invests in a number of exciting research and innovative start-ups, helping fund the ground-breaking research to the next level – while keeping IP right here in NZ - one exciting innovation is Inhibit Coatings.

Chapter 4: Getting back on track

After getting so far into debt, how did Grace get back on the savings track? Using the simplest money management tool out there. An excel spreadsheet.

Kiwis helping Kiwis in the Booster Tahi Fund

Global share markets have continued to bounce back from the big sell off in March, as investors started looking ahead to the gradual lifting of restrictions around the world.

4 Ways To Budget Your Money

The key thing to know when it comes to budgeting your money is there’s no right or wrong way of doing it. It’s all about finding a method that works for you and then refining that over time.

Chapter 3: A $10,000 conversation

Grace moves out of home to go flatting with her friends. Find out how her "go with the flow" attitude towards money takes her from being a super saver to complete shopaholic!

Introducing mybudgetpal

Dive into the what, the why and the how behind the creation of mybudgetpal and why we’re opening it up to all New Zealanders!

Booster Spotlight Series – Rothschild Bank & Costco

Booster partner with several expert research houses to help deliver solid investment outcomes for our clients. One of these trusted advisers is Rothschild Bank.

Chapter 2: The Spendy Saver starts working

How did Grace become the Spendy Saver? Find out in this lastest blog how getting her first job started Grace's journey to becoming the Spendy Saver.

Capturing opportunities while helping kiwi companies raise capital

With the effect of Coronavirus dominating the headlines around the world, we thought it was important to share our view on what is happening in the markets and what the key factors affecting your investments are during this time.

Chapter 1: Introducing the Spendy Saver

Grace charts her journey from total shopaholic to serious saver. Find out how she got debt free, learnt how to use her spendy habits to become a smart budgeter and serious saver – managing to save a deposit for her first house. All in just under 3 years!

Booster Spotlight Series – Booster Wine Group

There’s no question that New Zealand’s wine industry is one of our biggest industries. Our wine is exported across the globe, and considered to be amongst some of the finest in the world.

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